To book one of our rooms, please email stating the date(s), times and room(s) you wish to book or telephone 07 768 143 111. New users are kindly asked to complete a booking form and to return this by email. Please check the booking calendar for available times prior to submitting your booking form. Continuing users should please ensure their booking form is up to date.

All users should be familiar with and agree to the Conditions of Hire.

These documents can be download from:

How to Book 2022

GCC Booking Form 2023

GCC Hire Agreement 2022

Hire Charges

Our available rooms are:

The main hall (£14/hr), the meeting room (£12/hr), the lounge (£12/hr)

All hires longer than 5 hrs attract an automatic discount of 20%

WiFi and kitchen facilities are automatically included with all bookings.

The Community Centre is equipped to enable users to run hybrid on-line events. Any groups hiring any of our rooms are thus able to run their events as a mixture of in-person and online with people able to join in any event from anywhere. You will need your own account for e.g. Zoom or MS Teams to use this facility.

The Mail Hall